Satbayev University educational programs for the first level of higher education (bachelor's degree), in which students receive fundamental training in the chosen professional field of activity at the level of world standards. Baccalaureate programs are aimed at school and college graduates who are starting a professional career.

Upon admission to each program, students choose the trajectory of learning, which has an impact on the choice of subject matter for the UNT. The minimum passing grade in UNT is 70.

Training is provided by Credit Technology. During the course of the education program, students independently determine the individual trajectory of learning. In the selection, the student is guided by the curriculum, the catalog of elective disciplines, and the recommendations of the advisor. Individual study plans are drawn up based on student's choice of subjects and teachers. Also, the student has the opportunity to choose the topics of the course and diploma works, scientific supervisor. Graduates receive a diploma of higher education with the qualification «Bachelor of Technology» and work as engineers or specialists in enterprises in the relevant sphere. A bachelor’s degree entitles them to a master’s degree.

Undergraduate education programs

Architecture and design B 2020 eng.pdf

Automation and robotization B 2020 eng.pdf

Chemical and biochemical engineering B 2020 анг.pdf

Civil Engineering B 2018 eng.pdf

Computer science B 2020 eng.pdf

Construction Engineering eng 2018.pdf

Electronic and electrical engineering B 2020 англ.pdf

Engineering physics and material science B 2020 eng.pdf

Geology and exploration of mineral deposits B 2020 eng.pdf

Geospatial Digital Engineering B 2020 6В07303 eng.pdf

Geospatial Digital Engineering B 2020 6В07304 eng.pdf

Industrial engineering B 2020 eng.pdf

Information security B 2018 eng.pdf

Mathematical and computer modelling В eng.pdf

Mathematical economics and data analysis B 2018 eng.pdf

Mechanical engineering B 2018 eng.pdf

Mining engineering B 2020 eng.pdf

Oil-gas and ore geophysics B 2020 eng.pdf

Operational Service Engineering B 2020 eng.pdf

Petroleum engineering B 2020 eng.pdf

Power engineering B 2020 англ.pdf

Robotics and Mechatronics B 2020 анг.pdf

Telecommunication B 2020 eng.pdf

Transport engineering В 2020 eng.pdf

Transport services B 2020 eng.pdf

Мetallurgy and mineral processing B 2020 eng.pdf

Educational Programs

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