Organizational structure

Satbayev University (K. Satpayev Kazakh National Research Technical University) is a modern scientific and educational cluster with 10 educational and 6 research institutes of natural science and technology; 5 scientific laboratories and production laboratory Fablab.

The university has 10 institutes in all areas of training:


Board of Directors

The university is administered following the legislation of Kazakhstan and the Statute of the University, based on the principles of unity and collegiality. The university’s highest form of governance is the Board of Directors, which administers the university through the Academic Council, the Scientific Research Council, and the Board.

The Board of Directors has established Strategic Planning, Personnel and Remuneration, and Audit Committees following international corporate governance standards.


Academic Council

Collegiate management body that manages the educational and methodological activities of the university. The Council determines and implements the policy on academic processes at the university, takes decisions on the content of educational programs and curricula, approves curricula of academic disciplines, harmonizes programs of State final examinations, etc.


Research Council

A collegiate management body that oversees investigations and developments, and coordinates the interaction of university structures in research activities. It is composed of university officials and heads of structural units.

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